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                                                                                 Leading ultraviolet disinfection system
                                                                                 effectively used in HVAC systems. Applying
                                                                                 C-band ultraviolet (UV) light to inactivate
                                                                                 DNA-based contaminants dates back to
       AIRBORNE AND SURFACE                                                      the 1850s.

       SANITATION                                                                SURFACE SANITATION
                                                                                 Disinfection with patented hospital grade
                                                                                 antimicrobial protectant registered by the
       SOLUTIONS                                                                 EPA with long term efficacy (up to 90 days).

                                                                                 FILTRATION SYSTEM UPGRADES
                                                                                 Upgrading existing filtration systems
                                                                                 (ASHRAE Standard 52.2) to properly
       Reduce the Risk from Viruses, Bacteria and Molds                          maintain clean cooling coils and optimize
                                                                                 energy efficiency.

       ABOUT OUR COMPANY                                                         SERVICE CONTRACTS
                                                                                 Annual service contracts to maintain
                                                                                 proper virus, mold and bacteria protection
       UVC Engineered Sanitation is built upon the comprehensive model of        on surfaces and airborne systems, along
       minimizing risk, maximizing productivity and scaling of our sanitation    with maintaining clean cooling coils to
       products and services to a diversity of industries/facilities. We are a full   optimize energy efficiency.
       turnkey operation from product to equipment installation to financing.
       Our goal is to mitigate the risks and ease the public’s fears with the most   REBATES
       rigorous standards in the industry. The UVC germicidal sanitation method   Assisting you throughout the process
       has the highest efficacy rate with no side effects to the public, therefore   to reduce costs with utility rebates
       the highest ROI.                                                          when available.

       UVC Engineered Sanitation is a distributor for American Ultraviolet; the   FINANCING
       largest exclusively UV-C equipment manufacturer in the world. A trusted   Offering financing to greatly reduce or
       name since 1960. The manufacturer’s multiple facilities are based in the   eliminate the initial investment. Enabling
       U.S. of which greatly mitigate supply chain disruptions.
                                                                                 owners to make payments transferable as
       Their extensive client list is inclusive of U.S. Food & Drug Administration,   a tenant expense pass through.
       Procter & Gamble, Hershey, and Dupont – to name a few.

       ASK ABOUT

             UVC Food Safety Solutions. American Ultraviolet is partnering with
           Fresh Plus International to provide solutions designed to improve
           food safety and maintain post-harvest quality of fresh produce. The
           reduction in ethylene levels slows the aging or ripening process, and
           extends the viable shelf/storage life for the products.
             UVC Solutions for Cannabis. The cannabis product is not altered by the
           exposure to UV light, and any DNA-based surface contamination, such as   ENGINEERED SANI TATION
                                                                          ENGINEERED SANI
           molds, bacteria, and viruses, are reduced, or even eliminated entirely.
           UV Water Treatment without Chemicals. Reduces and destroys             CONTACT US: 832-727-6122
           viruses and bacteria that may be resistant to chemical treatment.    EMAIL:
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